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An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for E-Bikes
  • An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for E-Bikes


Buying an E-Bike is not less than a challenge for the biking enthusiasts because they cannot compromise on the quality and performance the e-bike should deliver. Moreover, it is quite a heavy investment and requires you to spend a fortune over it, so buying a fragile one will definitely freak you out.

That is why we are here to help. If you are buying an electric bike for the first time and too conscious about making a decision, do go through this quick buying guide where you will come to know each and everything about the electric bikes and the things to consider before buying a reasonable one. We hope that this article would be of help to you, and you will be able to make a reasonable decision in the end. Cheers.


Technology has brought a revolution in every aspect of life and so in the world or bikes. An e-bike is the most advanced form of the bike. However, such a bike has the same parts as the traditional one, but the main difference is the integrated electric motor that is powered by the battery. These motorized bicycles were first introduced in the 19th century and have been the favorite of most of the bikers since then.


Ebike largely looks and works like a traditional bike except for a few parts that differentiate it from the regular bike. The three main components that differentiate it from the ordinary traditional bike are the motor, the sensor, and the battery. The other components are the same as the traditional bike. 

The Motor

The motor is the first part that makes the difference. The functionality of the bike also depends on how the motor is positioned. The front-wheel motor is located at the center of the front wheel, where the steering is also located. Another common type of motor is the rear hub motor. Such a motor is located at the rear wheel. Most of the mediocre models have a rear hub motor. It is more sophisticated than the front hub motor and provides better traction and grip on the roads. The third type of motor is the central drive motor, which is located at the center of the frame. This motor transfers your energy directly to the drive system.

The sensor

Another significant component of the e-bike is its sensors. The bike usually consists of two types of sensors, i.e., the speed sensor and the torque sensor. When you start pedaling, it is the speed sensor that senses the movement and stimulates the motor that propels the bike to move as fast as you pedal.

The torque sensor is the more intelligent sensor, and it senses even if you make a small movement. It feels the pedal and provides assistance in order to match the speed.

The battery

The most important and differentiating aspect of the electric bike is the battery that is usually located down on the frame or in the luggage storing area. The battery also helps in the better distribution of weight. The battery of the bikes is rechargeable and removable. You can easily remove the battery and get it recharged conveniently at your home or office. Its batteries are usually long-lasting, and a moderate-quality battery takes about five to six hours to recharge. 

The battery of an e-bike is easily replaceable, and you can also take an extra battery with you if you are rushing for a long trip. However, the batteries always need a constant check so that you may remain aware of their charging capability and also need maintenance on and off.



Ebikes are an expensive counterpart of the traditional bikes, and this is something that compels most of the riders to think why they should spend a fortune over these bikes.  There are several reasons that prove them a better alternative. Some of them are listed below. 

  1. Pedaling is easier

The e-bikes are assisted by the motor that is powered by your pedaling or the throttle. The bike usually comes with three modes where the pedal-assist mode works when you pedal due to which the bike accelerates and moves easily on the tough terrains than the ordinary bikes. 

  1. They are fast

The bike rides you faster at a certain level and takes you to fly as fast as you pedal but up to a certain point. The motor stops to propel at a certain speed, but still, it can ride you faster than the traditional bike.

  1. Effortless

Riding on an e-bike is easier than riding on the traditional bike. You do not easily get tired of riding on the e-bike because it does not consume much of your effort like an ordinary bike. You can easily cover long distances with the e-bike even if you are a new biker. It builds confidence and the ability to bike more. A small effort gives a better output in the form of acceleration, speed, and miles per kilometers.  

  1. They come in a range of types.

The good news is that there is an e-bike for every type of cyclist. The e-bike manufacturers make sure that these cycles provide exceptional performance whether the users need a fat tire bike, a full-suspension bike, a sports bike or the mountain bike to travel on the hills. There are also the cargo e-bikes that can carry a lot of your stuff to help you move it around conveniently.   

  1. Help you to stay fit.

Biking is a healthy activity, and an e-bike compels even the most lethargic people to start biking because, apparently, it seems not to consume a lot of your effort. The e-bikes are also considered to burn a considerable amount of your calories and improve your cardiovascular health. 

  1. They are convenient

The e-bikes are convenient than ordinary bikes in many ways. They are powered by the rechargeable batteries that last longer and give you an effortless and hassle-free ride over the toughest terrains. They save you money in the long-term. The e-bikes are a fuel-efficient new-world replacement of the cars that need more investment, maintenance, and fuel. All in all, these bikes are sturdy and a convenient way of transportation. 


Here are some important considerations you should ponder over while choosing a reasonable electric bike.


The first thing to communicate to the retailer in order to buy a suitable e-bike is the playground or area you are going to ride the bike in. Different types of e-bikes serve different purposes, and the good news is that there will definitely be the one that is suitable for your purpose. These bikes are specifically designed for different activities like cargo loading, mountaineering, trail riding off-road biking, sand, and snow riding, etc. Moreover, the frequency of biking also plays an important role in making the decision. So, the first question to ask yourself before making the correct decision is where you are going to ride the bike.

Location of the motor

We have already discussed in the previous section that the motors are categorized according to their mounting location, and their functionality also differs accordingly. The mid-drive crank-assisted motors are a more reliable and expensive type because of the better weight distribution and traction on the steeper roads while the Rear hub or front hub motors are less-noisy but cannot handle the steep roads as better as the mid-drive system.


The most reliable batteries are lithium-ion batteries. Make sure that the bike you buy has an easily-rechargeable, removable, and long-lasting battery. You can go for different renowned brands like Sony, Panasonic, or Samsung, etc. if you are looking for a reliable battery. However, it is suggested to keep constant battery-checks and in order to improve battery life.


The distance an electric bike can cover in a single charge is referred to as the range. The speed demons are usually concerned about this factor. You should always keep in mind that the range of the e-bike depends upon its battery, weight, speed, and also the assistance level you choose. 


A good e-bike costs a little higher than the regular e-bike, so make sure you have a handsome budget if you want to buy a reasonable e-bike. The price varies according to the features and types. The more the convenience is, the pricier the bike will be. Buy a bike that may not cost you higher in the longer-run. 



How much does the e-bikes usually cost?

The e-bikes come with a variety of features that influence their price. The bikes having large batteries are more expensive than the ones having small batteries. Moreover, those with the rear or front hub motor are less costly than the mid-drive e-bikes. In addition, the e-bikes with the other value-added features like the storage compartments, fat tires, and sturdy construction also increase the price. However, you can get a reasonable deal within $500 to $10,000 according to different features.

Is the e-bike hefty?

Yes, the e-bike is heavier than the regular bike. The main reason for the heftiness is the battery and the motor. These bikes normally weight between 40 to 80 pounds depending upon the size of the battery. The larger the battery is, the heavier the bike will be. The people prefer larger batteries because they are long-lasting and offer more power than the smaller ones.

What are the classes of e-bikes?

The electric bikes are classified into three classes.

  • Class 1: The class 1 bike is equipped with a motor that assists only when you pedal the bike; however, it stops the assistance when you reach the speed of 20 mph.
  • Class 2: It is also known as low-speed throttle assisted e-bike. The motor is used to propel the bicycle in class 2 e-bikes.
  • Class 3: The class 3 bikes are equipped with the speedometer and provide assistance when you pedal. However, the motor stops providing assistance when you reach a speed of 28 mph.

How long does the battery last?

The larger the battery is, the more it will last. The large batteries are hefty as well as more expensive. However, they are removable and easily replaceable and give you the convenience to recharge them anywhere. However, the normal battery can take about 3 to 6 hours to recharge.


Nowadays, e-bikes are available for every occasion. Whether you have to cruise through the hilly areas or ride on the snow, these e-bikes provide a great way of transportation efficiently. You can easily find the foldable bikes, the cargo bikes, and the city bikes, the fat tire bikes, the mountain bikes, and the full-suspension bikes according to your need and areas to travel.  


Buying a reasonable e-bike is not daunting when you have complete knowledge about its parts, features, functionality, and the renowned brands that are the pioneer in the field. This is why we have tried to gather comprehensive information in order to help you out so that you may be able to make a wise decision.

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